Additional Support from the Freemason’s Lodge of St Martin in Caerphilly

Additional Support from the Freemason’s Lodge of St Martin in Caerphilly

When the Freemason’s Lodge of St Martin in Caerphilly staged their fundraising Spring Ball for 2024, the Worshipful Master for 2023-24, Lloyd Davies, selected Paul Fears taking on the #BikeBoatBoot challenge for Tŷ Hafan as one of two charities for fundraising on the night.

The Lodge of St Martin in Caerphilly is a member of the Provincial Grand Lodge of South Wales.  As with other Masonic Lodges, there is a focus on helping and supporting local communities and charities.

Each year, the Worshipful Master of the Lodge of St Martin selects a charity to support through the annual Spring Ball.  The 2024 Spring Ball was a fabulous event, supported with entertainment from the acclaimed Welsh Artist, Lee Gilbert.

Phil Davies, Paul Fears and Lloyd Davies at Ty Hafan
BikeBoatBoot Cheque Presentation by Mason’s Lodge of St Martin

Lloyd Davies is the Worshipful Master for 2023-24, following in the footsteps of his father Phil Davies who was the Worshipful Master in 2022-23.  Phil selected Paul taking on the #BikeBoatBoot challenge as one of the charities at the 2023 Spring Ball.  Lloyd was inspired by the story of the Dads taking on challenges for Tŷ Hafan and wanted to, once again, support Paul and the Dads taking on the 2024 challenge.

The event was supported by many of Lloyd’s friends and partners, plus other members of the lodge.  One of Lloyd’s good friends, who runs a local plumbing company, Gas Gold, was further inspired by the ‘thank you’ Phil received from Paul for the support in 2023 and made an additional donation of £1000 to top up the balance.  The final total donated to the challenge was an incredible £1,450.

On the #BikeBoatBoot challenge (27-30 June 2024), the team will cycle, hike and kayak the length of Wales (over 200 miles) in just 4 days.

Lloyd’s father, Phil, and Paul have been good friends for over 40 years, from their time at cubs and scouts up until leaving school.  Phil and Paul are linked on Facebook and Phil was enthralled by the stories of the #5in55 and #10nTaff challenges and the latest 2024 #BikeBoatBoot event.

When Paul’s son Greg passed away in February 2023, Phil decided that he wanted to show support for Paul and the Dads and Uncles taking on the challenges for Tŷ Hafan.  The money raised came from raffles and donations at the ball.

Paul and the other #BikeBoatBoot team members want to thank Lloyd, Gas Gold and the Lodge of St Martin.  Without such support taking on the challenges for Tŷ Hafan would not be possible.  And the money raised ensures that families like Paul receive the special care and support needed when losing a child and for families living with a child who has a life-limiting illness.

Thank you!!!

To sponsor the #BikeBoatBoot team taking on this unique triathlon covering the length of Wales, please go to our Just Giving page Bike Boat Boot Challenge for Tŷ Hafan